Terms and Conditions

  1. Bet/Stake Agreement:
    A bet or stake with BetWinner is a contractual agreement, the foundation of potential winnings, rooted in the anticipation of yet-to-transpire events.
  2. Outcome Determination:
    The conclusive result of the events upon which bets are placed is the pivotal factor in determining the success or failure of a wager.
  3. Customer/Client Engagement:
    Active engagement with the bookmaker by placing bets defines a customer or client, forming the core of the bookmaker-client relationship.
  4. Bet Cancellation and Refunds:
    Bet cancellation comes into play when a particular outcome renders a bet unsettled, leading to the non-payment of winnings, with the original stake refunded to the client.
  5. Understanding Regular Time:
    Regular time denotes the standard duration of a match as per the relevant sport’s rules, excluding elements like extra time, penalties, or overs.
  6. Diverse Betting Markets:
    BetWinner offers diverse betting markets, allowing clients to place bets based on preferences and predictions across various events.
  7. Odds Influence on Payouts:
    Odds reflect the perceived probability of outcomes, serving as numerical representations influencing potential payouts in the betting process.
  8. Flexible Minimum Stake:
    The minimal stake for a single selection is set at $0.30/€0.20, providing flexibility for clients to engage in betting with relatively low commitments.
  9. Maximum Bets and Payouts:
    Maximum bets are contingent on specific selections, with varying limits determined by the selected event and sport. Payouts have an upper limit of 65,000 euros per individual bet.
  10. Balancing Bets with Current Balance:
    Bets are accepted as long as their cumulative value does not exceed the current balance held by the customer, promoting responsible betting practices.
  11. Timing of Bets:
    To ensure fairness and transparency, bets must be placed before the event’s commencement, except for live bets, allowing real-time wagering during ongoing events.
  12. Live Betting Dynamics:
    Live bets retain validity until the conclusion of the match, providing an interactive and dynamic betting experience aligned with unfolding events.
  13. Cancellation and Recalculation:
    Cancellations of single stakes lead to corresponding refunds, while errors in settlement require recalculation to rectify discrepancies in the betting process.
  14. Accumulator Independence:
    The accumulator bet type imposes a restriction: outcomes must not have interrelations, ensuring the independence of each component within the bet.
  15. Specific Stake Outcomes:
    Stakes on “Team to score a penalty Yes/No” or specific goal-related events are deemed lost if conditions within regular time are not met.
  16. Live Betting Flexibility:
    Live bets offer a dynamic platform for wagering, allowing clients to engage with evolving events through both main and additional markets.
  17. Single and Accumulator Live Stakes:
    Clients can opt for either single or accumulator live stakes, providing flexibility in real-time betting strategies.
  18. Confirmation and No Modifications:
    Once registered on the server and confirmed online, live bets cannot be modified or changed, ensuring clarity and adherence to chosen wagers.
  19. Information Accuracy Disclaimer:
    While emphasizing accurate information, BetWinner disclaims responsibility for any inaccuracies in current scores influencing live bets, urging clients to refer to independent sources for real-time updates.
  20. Deposits and Withdrawals:
    Deposits and withdrawals are facilitated through various methods listed on the Payments page, offering clients options to manage funds.
  21. Timely Withdrawal Processing:
    Withdrawal requests are processed around the clock, with processing times up to 7 days, depending on the chosen withdrawal method.
  22. Identity Verification and Potential Delays:
    Withdrawals may experience delays in identity verification, especially for first-time requests, substantial amounts, or changes in payout methods.
  23. Caution against Misuse:
    Transferring funds between systems without engaging in betting activities is discouraged, as it deviates from the intended use of the platform.
  24. Consistency in Payment Details:
    Clients must use exact payment details for withdrawals, ensuring consistency in financial transactions.
  25. Alternative Payment Methods:
    The bookmaker may offer bank transfers as an alternative payment method in specific cases, providing additional flexibility to clients.
  26. E-Wallet Ownership Caution:
    Caution is advised against depositing funds using e-wallets not owned by the client, as funds may be returned without prior notification.
  27. Withdrawal Rule Adherence:
    Compliance with withdrawal rules is crucial, granting the bookmaker the right to decline requests for non-compliance.
  28. Bitcoin Transaction Benefits:
    Users opting for Bitcoin transactions are exempt from service charges, offering a cost-effective method for certain transactions.
  29. Legal Responsibility and Account Closure:
    The legality of a user’s activities is the client’s responsibility; the bookmaker reserves the right to close accounts for various reasons, including fraud or duplicate registrations.
  30. Actions in Response to Violations:
    Various actions may be taken in response to rule violations, including blocking accounts, voiding bonuses, canceling winnings, and refunding account balances.
  31. Refund Policy Clarification:
    Clients seeking clarification on the refund policy can contact customer support, with a commitment to addressing queries within 24-72 hours.
  32. Content Governance and Liability Disclaimer:
    The content on the BetWinner website is governed by the specified T&C, with the bookmaker disclaiming liability for errors or incomplete data.
  33. Regular T&C Review Reminder:
    Clients are advised to review the T&C regularly, as changes may occur, with notifications provided through banners, emails, or other communication channels.
  34. Rule Validity and Enforceability:
    If any rule within the T&C is found invalid or unenforceable, it does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining rules.
  35. Ownership and Legal Governance:
    BetWinner.com is owned by HARBESINA LTD, registered in Cyprus, adhering to Cyprus laws, with the T&C governed by these laws and falling under exclusive Cyprus court jurisdiction.
  36. Fair Play, Integrity, and Transparency:
    Operating under principles of fair play, integrity, and transparency, BetWinner is committed to ensuring a secure and enjoyable betting experience.
  37. Service Termination:
    The bookmaker reserves the right to terminate or suspend services without prior notice, with efforts to minimize inconvenience to clients.
  38. T&C Objective:
    The overarching objective of the T&C is to establish a clear framework for the BetWinner-client relationship, ensuring fairness, accountability, and responsible conduct in online betting.